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What is “Pho”?

The very basics of Pho consists of broth and rice noodles. Unique flavors of pho comes from the ingredients of the broth, the consistency of the noodles, addition of meat, and how one garnishes it. Pho comes with your type and cut of meat, along with a plate of vegetables to add. The vegetables typically added are bean sprout, basil, lime, jalapenos, cilantro, white onions, and more. Sauces such as hoisin sauce, chili oil, and Sriracha can be added. The best thing about pho is that it’s a great meal for anytime of the day whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Our Story

The history of “Pho Ben” derives from a long journey from Vietnam to America. The owners, a married couple, are a product of the Vietnam War and immigrated to America for a better opportunity: to live the American Dream. Years of hardship came, before they were able to open their first pho restaurant. 20 years later of leadership and pho managing experience, they decided they wanted a fresh start on a new pho restaurant. The husband, traveled to Vietnam in search of cultivating the best pho broth he could. He returned to America and worked with his wife’s brother to experiment until they developed a recipe he could be proud. One year later after the departure, they opened Pho Ben.

History and Culture

The origins of pho remains contested, as its beginnings were not well documented. A reasonable estimation is that pho started in the early 20th century in Vietnam. Pho truly became popular because of the Vietnam war causing immigrants to spread around the world. Vietnamese immigrants would globalize the cuisine known as pho.

Our Products

Pho Ben serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes, including sandwiches, vermicelli, egg noodle soup, rice dishes, vietnamese desserts, milk tea, and more. Everything is freshly prepared, starting with shopping for the best ingredients every morning. The broth is prepared with hours of care before opening everyday. Our products are made of recipes that have gone through trials to create a superior product that tastes the best.

Natural Process

We cook our pho through a natural process that requires more dedication than other pho restaurants. We use bones to slow cook our broth for 4-5 hours, giving it a stronger taste. This process allows us to avoid usage of MSG, which is often used as a substitute by other pho restaurants.


Preparation of ingredients and the making of broth is a daily occurence, allowing for the freshest experience. Every morning there is an expansive check list of ingredients to purchase to ensure quality. This means the broth is prepared in the morning and bread is bought only when just made.

Secret Recipe

Our pho is a secret recipe that has been obtained through trial and error. We have travelled to Vietnam and worked in their kitchens to perfect the art. Development of this recipe has allowed for increased satisfaction by creating a taste that is undeniably good, so that anyone can enjoy.


We champion two Vietnamese business owners that have been in the pho business for over 20 years. This experience has given Pho Ben an edge in finding the best ingredients and perfecting customer relationships. Over 20 years of seeking what it is the customer looks for and how to make the dishes as best as they can be.

About Pho Ben

Pho is a staple dish in Vietnam, and Pho Ben wants to preserve the quality overseas for all to enjoy. Pho Ben serves as a vessel to introduce the American people, the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine. Through years of leadership, Pho Ben has mixed American and Vietnamese culture to give a welcoming atmosphere for all patrons. Utilizing current trends is how Pho Ben has been able to stay popular in its community.

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